4 Differences Between Kemi And Sarah In The Movie Bloodsisters.

4 Differences Between Kemi And Sarah In The Movie Bloodsisters.

Bernadine Igwe | 20/Jun/2022 | 11:28 pm | Movies   Entertainment  

4 things you didnt notice about Sarah and Kemi in the Blood Sisters Movie.


By Bernadine Igwe.

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The movie Blood Sisters was an engrossing drama, filled with many sensational scenes.

A movie that is educating, as it exposed some things people do out of ignorance instead of seeking help.

This movie has a great message for all of us. 


Kemi and Sarah were best friends in this movie. They seemed to have shared a lot in common but they had some discrepancies.

In other words, they were different.


Kemis willpower

Kemi, a beautiful woman had more willpower than Sarah. If Kemi was in Sarahs position, she would call off the wedding without thinking about it. Sarah wasnt ready to do that even when her life was endangered.


Kemi dared to snatch a man's car with a gun. This particular act left Sarah in bewilderment, she wouldn't think of that. In addition, the plan to kill the photographer came as shock to Sarah who was left with no option but to agree. Killing the photographer was not a big deal for Kemi who even know where to get a gun. 


Family background 

Secondly, Kemi was an orphan, unlike Sarah who was raised by her parents and the Ademolas. Sarah was to be married to Kola as part of a business but nobody can make such a decision for Kemi. Sarah had her parents who loved and supported her even during the hunt. Kemi had no family to call. Sarah's ex-boyfriend Kenny was also supportive but Kemi had just Sarah her best friend. 


Also, Kemi an orphan who tried to grow by herself must have engaged in dangerous things. Kemi had contacts with people who deal with guns. Each time she mentioned this, Sarah is left with a surprised face. 


Kemi could think of butchering the body of Kola, this was gruesome but was possible by Kemi.

It only took the heart of Kemi to set Uncle B on fire. Something Sarah couldn't even think of. 

Kemi would always proffer dangerous solutions. Solutions she employs without thinking about it.  


Kemis Reserved nature.

Finally, Sarah was not as reserved as Kemi. Kemi does not flinch even in the face of danger.  Kemi could keep secrets, unlike Sarah who told Kenny and her mother about the murder. Sarah was ready to surrender, unlike Kemi who was ready to run forever.



It was really interesting having you here. Okay, did you notice all these about Kemi and Sarah? Do you need to go back to the movie and check these out? If you are yet to watch the movie, then you should do it immediately. What a fascinating movie.



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