7 Mistakes No Graduate  Should Make During Their N. Y. S. C.

7 Mistakes No Graduate Should Make During Their N. Y. S. C.

Bernadine Igwe | 12/Jul/2022 | 5:59 pm | Education   Employment  

7 Mistakes No Graduate Should Make During Their NYSC 


A call to serve our nation after we graduate from the University/Polytechnic/Colleges is a means to prepare us for the future. This period is critical as many of us would leave our State which we are used to, and move to an entirely different state. 

Youth Service is fun, educating, eye-opening, and brings many opportunities. Do not be afraid to serve, it is an honour. It prepares you to understand what a working-class life will look like. 

Invariably, there are things you should never do and things you shouldn’t neglect while serving or while preparing to serve Nigeria. 

1. Lack of Proper medical check and Preparation. 

It is said, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Many will be posted in a place very far away from home, where there may be a difference in the weather you are used to. Get a proper medical check and good information on the kind of weather you will be facing and get all you need to keep yourself in good health and protect your body against the weather. 

2. Not engaging in activities in the camp.

Also, you should endeavour to engage in activities like CDS, Monthly clearance as failure to do this may attract an extension in your service year. Remember the early morning exercises, this may be stressful but you will enjoy it and get used to it. 

While you shouldn’t be rude to the officials and or the military officers in charge of the processes of your orientation camp. It is necessary that you master emotional intelligence. This means you should be assertive and firm about your rights. There has been a lot of unreported number of ladies who have been harassed into abusive relationships with the officers and officials, during and after the camp. Carry yourself with dignity and do not put yourself in awkward situations where you end up owing people unnecessary favours.

3. Leaving the Camp Without a Skill. 

Skill acquisition training is now an integral part of camp events. The truth is that the way they go about this feels mostly boring for most corp members. However, if you choose a skill that really interests you, you can hack enjoying by making a friend there or a friend with your trainer.

Nevertheless, many people do not find enough time or opportunity or money to invest in these skills. You can leverage the internet using your phone and laptop to acquire and put into use digital skills. Many high-income skills ranging from copywriting, closingReal Estate Management,  affiliate marketing and bloggingare available get them. 

4. Mindless assumption on getting a job after Service.

 Without being an alarmist I should tell you not to believe in getting a job immediately after service. Because if you have not made yourself employable getting jobs will be herculean. Spend your service years volunteering, meeting people, optimizing your social media profiles and becoming digitally savvy. 

Several Corp members have been known to earn a lot of money while serving. While they comfortably work with their phones and laptops from home leveraging on digital skills  they accessed with the corps member money making frame work or The 7DC PLAT Subscription. 

5. Hoping to save up to start a business. 

Furthermore, many hope to save up their allowances and start up a business after service. It is only 1% out of 100% that succeeded with this plan, and this 1% had other means of livelihood aside from the allowance. It will even be better to save up a little subscribe for online marketing and make more money. Planning to save your allowance is a mistake you should avoid. The cost of living in some states is higher than you will be expecting. 

6. Neglecting your business while serving.

Also, some of the people serving neglect their businesses and only concentrate on the service. Please do not do that. If you are a good writer, you write about your experience in the camp and publish it on Amazon using Amazon KDP. If you have a business running at home, get someone who can handle it for you and always check on your business. 

7. Lacking Money Management. 

If you are lucky to have enough money or another source of income, do not waste your money. You can get a quick study on money management.

You can get to know the games money play, and how to handle it. 

Avoid these 7 mistakes during your NYSC year and you will be happy you served our country Nigeria. 

You can get a health insurance package for one year depending on your performance with 7DC PLAT, at least this can cover you during your NYSC year. 

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