7 Things To Avoid When You Are Young.

7 Things To Avoid When You Are Young.

7 Things To Avoid When You Are Young. 

Your reality could be far better than what it is right now. You just need to want it to. And be ready to make the necessary changes. Changes are easier to make when you are young.

If you are reading this, chances are large that you are still young. Various organizations have different definitions of what youth or young is. This is my definition of youth, if you are reading this you are young. If you are alive then you are definitely young.

The whole world is riddled with millions of people who achieved the feat of their lives and they all did it at different ages. There is a strong depressing feeling that comes with the feeling that you are behind your peers.

There is a very practical book that can help get you get ahead of what you consider average or required for your present age. This book is written by Ayodamola Olu-Ayoola someone who found the secrets to creating his own privileges. You may want to get the copy of  How To Catch Up and Get Ahead of Your Peers in Life and Money now.

1. Peer Group Influence.

You are the product of the tussle between your parents’ upbringing and influence of your peers. How much of the former you accepted versus how much of the latter you repelled. Be mindful of the kind of friends you keep as this goes a long way in forming your character and your future.

The company you keep determines everything about who you become, including your networth and outlook to life. Remember that it is said, “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.  Have this at the back of your mind when you are making friends. 

2. Allowing Family Background To Deter you. 

Motivational Speakers have become some sort of negative sattires for the Gen Z. Gen Z are mostly people who don’t want to be told how to live their lives. No doubt Motivational Speakers had to “collect” in the hands of these sweet “rebellers”. MSs have a way of making difficult things sound so easy. 

Turns out I sympathise with both parties. This reminds me of a typical MS rhyming phrase that says Your background is not the reason your back is on the ground. Have you ever thought that maybe MSs were Rappers who never really bloomed. Anyways, never mind.

The phrase may offend you. I mean how dare anyone hide the solution of tough real life situations inside simple word allegories. 

one though, I saw that this idea had always been a serious subject of research. and It is called locus of control. It is has been established that successful people mostly use internal locus of control. You can read more about it here. But the summary is that, successful people agree that their background can’t keep their backs on the ground. The average people think otherwise. Interesting fact is that both group of people are right. Lol. Choose your own right, choose carefully.

Most people who are from a poor family background tend to get discouraged and think that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.  This is not a fact as many people who strived for greatness became great not because they had better opportunities but because they created one for themselves. I can tell you categorically, that if you work towards being great, even your family background will not stop you. Some books can help you set your mind in the right direction, try reading good books from great authors and great people. 

3. Misusing Opportunities. 

Also, if you are born with a golden spoon, try not to lose it. There have been cases of children miss managing their parent's wealth after the demise of their parents. Most times this is a result of a lack of preparation for the future.

I will advise you to begin early, work and learn how to manage anything your parents will leave under your care. Not everyone is as lucky as you are so, use your youthful age to prepare yourself. This short thread on Twitter kind of expands on similar wisdom.

4. Thinking You Will Be Young Forever. 

You can blame us. Being young offers no insight what it means to be old. No youth can imagine what being frail looks like. and naturally the glory of the youth is their strength. Wisdom is what an old man naturally gathers at different costs though. 

Care for your health. Use your body wisely. Build systems. Build communities that grows with you.

You can decide to enjoy your life. But it is not wise to do it in ways that harm you.If you afraid of the future and need to tame your fears you can join the 7DC communityit's a place where you can defeat imposter syndrome, the fear of starting and  all personal doubts alongside with tens of thousands of other people doing the same thing and balling. 

5. Neglecting Your talents and skills.

How intentional are you towards succeeding in life? You have to look deep inside to discover that talent you have and develop it. Do not turn your talent into hobbies alone, monetise it. You can associate with people who will help you discover your talent and monetise it. 7DC is the best place for you, it’s a place where your dreams can find wings. 

6. Not leveraging on available resources. 

Gone are the days when manna fell from heaven. What are you waiting for? Why do you have to wait? Start up with everything you can lay your hands on. If you have access to the internet and have a phone or laptop, leverage on that.

There are many digital skills you can equip yourself with. storytelling, copywritingaffiliate marketing, real estate business, personal brandingclosing, writing and uploading on Amazon using Amazon KDP. All these can fetch you good money forever.  Do not wait to start big, start with whatever you have access to, build that business, build that brand. 

7. Being Stubborn.

Lastly, try everything humanly possible to avoid stubbornness. A stubborn person ends up in a very bad way. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Obey your elders and take good advice from people around you and beyond. Do not always want to do things your way. Many older people made mistakes because of this kind of lifestyle, and learn from their mistakes.

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